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Chase 10 Month Update

Family Photo - 10 Months

I can’t believe we have a 10 month old! It’s hard to believe that same helpless newborn baby I brought home from the hospital is now exploring things on his own, becoming more and more curious every day and chatters up a storm with just about anybody. It’s like he’s a little person! Haha 


Teeth: 7!

Words: “a da”, “muh”, “la la”, “ya”

Songs: Old MacDonald & ABCs

Games: Peek-a-boo



Crawls everywhere, climbs up on anything and likes to walk (with our help). He has gotten really good at pushing his toys and/or boxes around the house, and has no problem pulling himself up on anything he can grasp (my wine cabinet included).



Happy as can be! He still gets called, “the happiest baby” and loves to make friends wherever we go. He enjoys climbing up my legs and reaches up for me to pick him up. Recently, he’s also discovered pointing and it’s the cutest thing. He’ll either point to where he wants to go or point to what he wants. Sometimes, he’ll even point at people lol 

happy baby


Around 7 months is when we started giving Chase baby food (i.e. baby cereal mixed with my breast milk). Now, we’re exploring solids and he loves it! We have yet to encounter a food he doesn’t like. We’ve tried scrambled eggs, pancakes, salmon, spaghetti, avocado, bananas, muffins and ice cream (hehe). I’m still pretty hesitant about what I give him just because I’m scared of him choking #firstmom.

His pediatrician has told us at our last two appointments (6 & 9 month) that breast milk/formula is still the #1 source of nutrition for the entire first year of baby’s life so that’s what I’ve been sticking too. That, and baby cereal since it’s an excellent source of iron. Everything else is purely fun or for experimentation (specifically for textures or flavors) so that’s taken the pressure off solid foods right now. 

That being said, I’m still exclusively breastfeeding and our schedule has not altered based on the foods I give him. Although, since my cycle started a couple months ago (around 8 months), I noticed a pretty big drop in my supply to make me question if I should give it up for good. I have a lot of breast milk stored up so it’s been pretty tempting to just do bottles from here on out until his first birthday. It’s a hard decision to make though – especially since I have LOVED breastfeeding since day one. I can’t imagine ending that time with one another. My mentality has been to take it one day at a time; some days my supply is heavier than others, and on the days it’s not, I pump and give him a bottle. Thankfully, I haven’t had to do that too many times. 



Since we haven’t found a new daycare in Iowa yet (after our last two, I am being very picky), I’ve been watching Chase at home while I work. I’ve always followed the WEPS method (wake – eat – play – sleep) on weekends even if his past daycares didn’t, so that’s what we’ve been following these last couple of weeks and it’s been great! Of course, depending on appointments or errands I have to run, every day may not look the same but for the most part, it goes something like this:


5-6 AM: wakes and nurse – I have always let him wake up on his own (a perk of working from home). Just like you and me, our bodies tell us when it’s had enough sleep so I let him determine that for himself. 

7:30-8 AM: snack – depending on what I’m having for breakfast, I’ll either give him some bites of my oatmeal or eggs, or give him some baby food (mixed with baby cereal)

8 AM: play – I like to start off the day playing with him on the floor or reading books before the day gets too crazy 

9 AM: morning nap (typically 1-2 hours)

11 AM: nurse

12:30-1 PM: snack – I prefer to give him a vegetable flavored baby food in the afternoon (mixed with baby cereal – always). I have read too many fruits in a baby’s diet will cause them not want to eat bland foods (like vegetables) as they get older. 

1:30 PM: afternoon nap (30 minutes – 1 ½ hours)

3 PM: nurse

4-6 PM: play play play (this is the hardest part of the day when he’s wanting more attention because the toys he’s been playing with all day have gotten boring to him). Sometimes, as I’m cooking supper, I’ll give him some wafers or bites of food to preoccupy him until bedtime. 

6:30 PM: bathtime

7 PM: nurse

7:30-8 PM: depending on when we start bathtime, he’s usually asleep no later than 8 PM. 

DEMDACO Noah's Ark Set

Current Favorite Items (for mama + baby)


Noah’s Ark with Squeakers plush toy set

Zebra Push toy


Bath Toys



Lactation Cookies

Nursing Tank Top

Hair Ties

Truth Unchanging Devotional

The next milestone will be his one year and I refuse to think about that.. Well, except for the planning of his birthday party. ๐Ÿ™‚ 


xo, Robin


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