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The Best Pajamas for Baby’s with Eczema

Kyte Baby Toddler Pajamas

If there’s one thing all mom’s can agree on, it’s that we want our babies to sleep. From the very beginning, Chase was a pretty good sleeper (thank goodness) but that didn’t stop me from educating and understanding the importance of sleep when it came to my baby’s development. 

So when Kyte Baby reached out and asked to collaborate with them, I was all for it! Kyte Baby is known for their sleep sack and mega soft pajamas – both made from bamboo cotton which allows for more breathability and comfort for babies who struggle with skin concerns. Thus, helping little ones sleep longer. And who wouldn’t want that? 

Since Chase was born, he has struggled with mild eczema. While it may not keep him up all night, there are many times when he has woken up with big scratches around the back of his neck or around his hips. And lately with the warmer temps and being outside, he has broken out more around his ankles and legs. 

I absolutely love that I can put him in Kyte Baby pajamas and know for certain that he is comfortable while he sleeps or even as he plays around the house. And since bamboo cotton is 3 degrees cooler than regular cotton, he doesn’t sweat near as much either. The material is almost cool to the touch – and did I mention extremely soft? Seriously, this is the softest material ever! Lucky for us, they make adult pajamas and blankets as well! 

Kyte Baby Toddler Pajamas

Kyte Baby Toddler Pajamas  Kyte Baby Toddler Pajamas

Kyte Baby Toddler Pajamas

Kyte Baby Toddler Pajamas

Kyte Baby Toddler Pajamas

Kyte Baby Toddler Pajamas     Chase is wearing the Toddler Pajama set in Sage.

Does your child struggle with eczema or other skin concerns? What do you do to help give them relief? Please share your suggestions below in the comments to help other new moms and their little one’s out!

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